She was like a fairy...


"Evening performance of the National Orchestra


The feelings that we have when we entered the Saint Joseph Cathedral to listen to a new symphony presented by the National Orchestra were very strange. We started waiting for its Director accompanied by a soloist.


The Turkish flutist Şefika Kutluer was the guest soloist. When she played Ibert, she looked like she was talking with the flute and she created between the keys bird’s turtledoves. She was like a fairy coming from the Bosphorus country and she surprised the audience by her performance. Şefika Kutluer who got many prizes and medals in Vienna and Turkey accompanied with her flute international orchestras and became in 1989 an international artist. She had a lot of things to tell us through her flute last Friday. She made a very nice dialogue with the birds, she was playing with her breath and her fingers became the keys. It was like a dialogue between many flutes at the same time.




She played alone a romantic serenade and we were very happy to listen to her music and her flute, which became a bridge between her and the others."


An-Nahar / 17 Jan 2004


May Manessa








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