Turkish flutist Sefika Kutluer has one of the most alluring sounds I have ever heard, matched with a formidable technique, She takes her place as one of the most dazzling flute soloists on the world scene. Notice I said soloists, for she has such a rich and provocative tone as to place her out of the orchestral category altogether. I am completely stunned by this woman’s playing - such true mastery of all facets of an instrument’s varied challenges is rare in our days of  “technique is everything” Kutluer shows what a soulful sense of melody and line she has. The sound is thick and rich, lofty and lilting.


The Carnival of Venice re-treatment by Pierre Agricola Genin works very well here and so adroit is Kutluer at navigating the difficulties that you are hard-pressed to see how a trumpeter could ever match it.  All played with such security and wisdom that I can hardly imagine them done better on any instrument.


So, in a nutshell, this is phenomenal playing by an artist who revels in this sort of work. I would put money on her in just about anything. This disc is most pleasing in all respects.


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