Kutluer’s "Carmen Fantasy" recording, and what a delight it is. Perhaps it is her country of origin, I don't know, but she definitely plays this music with a lot more warmth and passion than a French flutist would play it! And her playing has much love and warmth to it, unabashedly, and I think that speaks well of her ability to communicate in her performances--even on a CD.


 My favorites on the disc are the two Faure pieces and the Ravel "habenera" and the Bozza (a composer I have always loved, and is really underrated). I can tell by her playing that he must mean a lot to her too, and hearing Kutluer on the disc is like having her talk to me in person--very communicative.


 It is a divine gift of God. How is musical talent created? Is there something in a person's DNA that says, "fingers can move fast over the flute"? How does DNA know of the existence of a man-made instrument like the flute? No. It doesn't. It is a gift from God, a means of touching the divine that only a relatively few people are given on this planet. The ability to communicate divine truths through music (and they /are/ divine--when we hear Mozart, we are not hearing an 18th century dead white European Roman Catholic male, but a channel of the divine that transcends who Mozart, his age, and his country of origin were) is one of the rarest of gifts, the virtuosic ability to play an instrument an astounding phenomenon in the lives of human beings. It is very rare and precious, and Sefika is blessed to be one of the chosen ones.






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